Used for: To Cure anyone of their current condition
Which Condition to get rid of:



Used in Which World(s):

Ninja World,

Detective World,

Knight World,

Samurai World,

Technolgy World

Antidotes are the types of medicines that act as a cure from various poisons. They can be adminstered to an infected person through several mediums. Some poison are complex, and therefore creating the antidote will require careful attention mistake could be made or else it wouldn't work. However, specially trained, genius medicial ninja like Tsunade or her son, Tsunaku and her daughter Tenade (even if she's still a medicial ninja-in-training) can actually analyse and decipher the many different elements used in complex poisons and easily create a cure.


There are different types of antidotes.

  • Antidotes are able to take liquid form and can thus be drank by people.
  • Members of the Aburame Clan are able to use their kikaichu insects to enter the body of a poisoned victim where upon they will remove and neutralize the poison in the person'ds body.
  • The poison of the nano-sized, venomous insects that are used by Torune and Shikuro Aburame also has an antidote.
  • During battle it is hand to treat a poisoned ally; for situations like these medical ninja can make the antidotes and store them into capsules or shots beforehand, to inject the injuried victim with it when neccessary.

Combating Poisons

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