Bentojutsu (meaning "Dragon Techniques") refers to specialized techniques related to the dragons that acquires the user to have characteristics of a dragon, by the sensing, appearances, strength, speed, and the nature transformation are increased ten folds.


Bentojutsu practitioners can draw fore the energy of their dragon blood to endure any attacks launched by their opponent. Also if any practitioners can achieve a trait of dragon blood in their veins, they become an evolved-type of human known as a dragon linker.

There are only two powerful techniques that can instantly increase a dragon linker's status of power, intelligence, and charkra are the Dragon Style, which allow a dragon linker to use their elemental Dragon Mode which can then drastically transform the dragon linker's appearance and increases the strength of every dragon style jutsu and the chakra nature into that of a dragon.

Any dragon linker who masters a way of the dragons are given any of these four:

  • Dragon (if a Dragon Linker slays a dragon; possibly evil ones)
  • Dragon Sage (if a Dragon Linker learn and uses Bentojutsu and Senjutsu)
  • Dragon Rider (If a Dragon Linker ever has a personal summon or battle alongside with the animal guide as long as its a dragon)
  • Dragon Master (If a Dragon Linker masters the power of the dragon style jutsu as they can understand and communicate dragons)

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