Wandering Soul

Lacking Soul

Primary Power N/A

The Blanks (also known as "Buranku"; lit. "Wan/Lacking Soul") are souls without memories that live in the Valley of Screams. Blanks are instinctively attracted to memories, and they followed Senna to the World of the Living because she was the Memory Rosary. Unlike Wholes, Blanks do not have Chains of Fate, and are unaffected by the Konso.


The Blanks appear to be large, white ghosts with pink pin-shaped heads. Their appearance changes only when they are attacking, changing their heads color red, and revealing red arms and hands. They also change back to their former appearance as a Plus while in the presence of the Memory Rosary, but only demonstrated this once.


All Souls migrate between the world of the living and the Soul Society. From time to time however, there are souls who for some reason become detached in the cycle of transmigration while in the Precipice World. These souls wander aimlessly from the Precipice World, and are slowly drawn together over a period of time. As the souls come together it causes a new dimension to open, hence The Valley of Screams. In the Valley of Screams the souls separate into memory and energy, then return to the cycle of transmigration. The memories left from blanks fuse together and return to the World of the Living in the form of "The Memory Rosary".

Powers & Abilities

While not very strong by themselves, the Blanks gain many powers when gathered together, such as:

  • Culminative Strength: While in large numbers, the Blanks can be used to keep an enemy down, increasing their strength with each individual Blank. A group of Blanks were strong enough to keep a unit of the Stealth Force held down.
  • Self-Destructive Explosion: Blanks can grab onto an enemy and hold them still while they explode, killing both their opponent and themselves. With about a dozen Blanks the explosion can be very large. Blanks used this ability to kill a unit of the Stealth Force.

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