Chakra Blades
Asuma With His Chakra Blades

Asuma and his Chakra Blade

Created By: Shinobi
Used For:

Fightning Opponents,

Channel Chakra Natures

Created in Which World Ninja World

A highly uniquely-designed trench knife, these blades are worn like brass knuckles, but each one has a sharpened zigzag "tooth" over each knuckle, and a blade coming out of one end. The knives are made from a special metal that can be infused through "chakra flow" with elemental chakra or Yin-Yang chakra to produce added effects.


Asuma Sarutobi couples these knives with his taijutsu skills to great effect, such that he can take out nine Otogakure ninja in a matter of seconds. When infused with wind-natured chakra, it can easily pierce through stone.

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