Collaboration Jutsu
Sage Art Goemon

Sage Art: Bath of Boiling Oil, a Collaboration Jutsu

Japanese Translation Collaboration Jutsu
English Translation Collaboration Techniques

Collaboration Jutsu, also synchronized or combination jutsu, pertains to a branch of jutsu which entail powerful techniques that are actually comprised of at least two or more pre-existing jutsu. When initiated with the right thing, one will feed into each other to become a jutsu of greater power than the sum of its parts.

Greater power can be brought forth by two ninjutsu users who combine two different elemental ninjutsu. This can either be in destructive power, range of the width and/or range of the attacks length. If two jutsu users cannot co-operate, then a collaboration jutsu is impossible.


Collaboration techniques is all about teamwork. Although collaboration jutsu can be used by ninja who can simply match each other's timing, the best results are seen when collaboration jutsu are implemented by users who are mutually like-minded and have a working understanding of each other's drives and character; the more time they spend together, then the more they can potentially become in sync with each other.

Ninja, such as Kiba Inuzuka and Akamaru, whose fighting style revolves around collaboration techniques, are close friends and thus have a natural disposition for collaboration techniques, as they can work together to execute a collaboration techniques; as too do like-minded characters, such as Naruto Uzumaki and Gamatatsu, who mutually are both 'simple' and 'stupid'. Once a duo of ninja have reached an understanding and established a bond, they will be capable of working with collaboration techniques.


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