Conch Shell Mace

Conch Shell Mace as a weapon

800px-Conch shell aerial form

Conch Shell Mace in an aerial form in flight

Created By: Shinobi
Used For: Attacking Opponents
Used in Which World(s): Ninja World

This mace is a tool of Kotetsu's that he usually stores in a scroll and summons in battle when necessary.

As the name suggests, the mace resembles a conch shell with numerous sharp protrusions all over its surface and a marking in the centre that resembles an eye. It's hilt is wrapped in bandages and a chain connects the mace to the base of the hilt. Kotetsu uses it in combination with Izumo's Water Style: Syrup Trap making it easier to deal a devastating blow after the target is immobilized.


It was shown that the protrusions on the mace can spread or integrate to form wing-like appendages that enables it to soar into the sky and evade attacks from the opponent; even while separated, Kotetsu seems to be able to retain control with the mace's trajectory through the use of hand gestures.

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