Created By: Sasori
Used For: Offensive Usages
Used In Which World(s): Ninja World

Crow (also known as "Karasu") is a puppet, originally created by Sasori, but passed onto Kankuro. It resembles a three-eyed, four-armed humanoid with jagged teeth and spiky brown hairstyle protruding from the top of its head and framing the sides. In Part I, Kankurō typically keeps Crow wrapped in bandages on his back, and he is able to switch places with it at will using the Substitution Jutsu. Because of Kankurō's enjoyment in installing mechanisms into his puppets, Crow is very offensive, having numerous concealed weapons.


One of Crow's specialities is working with Black Ant to use techniques such as Secret Black Move: Iron Maiden and Poison Mist Inferno: Consecutive Needle Combo.

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