Created By: Soul Reaper
Used For:

Detect Hollows,

Search for other Soul Reapers

Used in Which World(s): Soul Reaper World

The Denreishinki (meaning "Divine Messenger Machine") is an electronic inter-dimensional communications device that looks nearly identical to cellphones found in the World of the Living. It is used by Soul Reaper officers while on assignment in the World of the Living.


The Denreishinki allows a Soul Reaper to communicate with Soul Society while in the World of the Living. The device also contains a system similar to a GPS tracking system for Hollow detection. Hollows located within a given area will be indicated in a mapping function of the device. It is also capable of detecting nearby soul reaper and can inform the user of whether they are geographically the closest to their target. Rukia Kuchiki used a Denreishinki on multiple occasions for communication and hollow detection when she was assigned to Karakura Town.

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