161907-elfen lied lucy by d jien large

Kanade as a Diclonius

Evolution From: Human
Evolution Into: Dragon Wielder

Diclonius are a race of human that posses psychic style abilities and techniques that had mutantion of Hollowification Viruses. Because of the mutantion, newborn babies are born with pink hair and eyes for the female side and its still unknown for the male side, they are born with horns on their head and the instincts of killing.


Diclonius have the abilities to possess telekinetic invisible arms that can cut through anything, and can kill any Humans directly but somehow, animals and jinchuriki are immune to it. Diclonius have the ability to sense other Diclonius and somehow Jinchuriki, but unknown to their keepers, when the Hollowification Virus within them are remove from them, they evolute from Diclonius into Dragon Wielders, and are raise by the dragons of their first elemental nature. They also possess the power to have Spiritual Pressure and Chakra.

History - The Diclonius and Jinchuriki War

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