Dragon Linker
Kanji ドラゴンリンカ
Romanji Doragon Rinka
Professional Data

Fire Dragon Linker

Wind Dragon Linker

Lightning Dragon Linker

Earth Dragon Linker

Water Dragon Linker

Homerealm(s) World of the Living
Secret Jutsu(s) Dragon Style
Primary Power(s) Dragon Style: Dragon Roar

Dragon Linker(s) (Japanese Translation as "Doragon Rinka") are a race of humans who were trained and raised by dragons (second generation), or posesses traits of Dragon blood in their veins (first generation).


Dragon Linkers have the blood trait to which gives them one or more different kinds of elemental natures, after training their bodies by the dragons, through the process of the training, they have an equivalent tof a Dragon, they can use a transformation, abilities; strength, defense, intellect, and agility.

Only fifteen nature transformations are a part of the Dragons and for combination jutsu; Fire, Wind, Lightning, Earth, Water, Ice, Dark, Steel, Swift, Wood, Light, Speed, Inferno, Psychic, Static, and Sand nature. Each of these Dragon Linkers can master the elements they were born with of the dragon blood. Only fifteen ninja clans are the chosen and are rare that others outside of their clans to master Dragon Style or all of the elements.

Dragon Linker can also have characterisitics and instants that of a dragon as they possess a large appetite for meat (almost similar to that of the Jinchurikis' appetite for every food). Dragon Linkers can also have the ability to transfer all of their dragon abilities, jutsu, and strength to someone else via creating a third generation Dragon Linker.


Long ago, at the era of the Sage of Six Paths, fourteen human babies, born to each of sages similar to the Sage of Six Paths himself, were orphaned during wartime, waiting to be killed in the wild or by enemy ninjas. One day, fourteen Dragons came to the aids of the abandoned infants with each baby per dragon to be raised as they deed them worthy, However, the Great Dragon Sage didn't allow it,

List of Dragon Clans

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