Fire Style: Misty Flames Dance Jutsu
Fire Release Mist Covering Technique

Fire Style: Misty Flames Dance Jutsu

Classification: Ninjutsu
Type: Fire Style
Rank: B-Rank
Class: Offensive
Range: Short Range
Hand Sign(s): Snake - Ram - Monkey - Tiger


Kagero Fuma,

Tsunaku Senju,

Asuna Senju

After performing the necessary hand seals, the user is able to create and blow a flammable gas from their lungs. Once it comes in contact with fire or spark, the gas ignites into a large fireball. Kagero Fuma uses this technique while disguised as Kabuto Yakushi, then somehow Tsunaku saw this with his jikukan ninjutsu and somewhat master and recorded it, and taught it to his younger sister, Asuna.

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