First Hokage's Necklace
First Hokage's Necklace

First Hokage's Necklace

Created By: Hashirama Senju
Used For:

Suppressing Jinchuriki powers

(Mostly the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox)

Used in Which World(s): Ninja World

The First Hokage's necklace (also known as "Shodai Hokage no Kubikazari") is the necklace worn by Naruto Uzumaki. It is made from a special "Crystal Gem" (also known as "Kesshōseki") and was once worn by the First Hokage. If it was to be sold, three mountains could be bought with the profits. This necklace only had one other like it as stated by Master Jiraiya. The location of this other necklace is unknown.


The First Hokage's granddaughter, Tsunade, inherited it several decades before the start of the series. She in turn gave it to both her younger brother, Nawaki, and her lover, Dan, in the hopes that it would help them achieve their dreams of becoming Hokage. Both died soon after receiving the necklace during the Second Great Ninja War, returning the necklace to Tsunade's possession and leading others to believe the necklace was cursed. Believing this, Tsunade kept the necklace for herself for the next few years and lost faith in those who dream of becoming Hokage.

In the original series, (Season 2, Episode 36) Tsunade met Naruto Uzumaki. Not only did he dream of becoming Hokage but he also bore some resemblance to both Nawaki and Dan. Deciding to tempt fate one more time, Tsunade made a bet with Naruto: if he could master the Rasengan in a week, therefore proving himself worthy of the position of Hokage, she would give him her necklace. He agreed and was able to accomplish the task, prompting Tsunade to put faith in the title of Hokage and the necklace one more time.


A power unique to Hashirama was the ability to control jinchūriki and the tailed beasts. This ability was enhanced by the necklace, which responded to his chakra, allowing him to control the chakra of the tailed beasts. It is said that Hashirama's Hokage Style Jutsu: responds to this necklace to suppress the Nine-Tails' chakra when it influences Naruto. Yamato at some point in time added a seal to the necklace that would activate when Naruto called upon too much of the Nine-Tails' chakra, attempting to restrain him, and alerting Yamato to what was happening.

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