The Five-Tails (translating for "Gobi") is one of the ten classes of the tailed beasts.



Five-Tails seems to be a quiet and reserved individual tailed beasts. Though they do not speak much, when it does Five-Tails uses the rather old-fashioned 'watakushi' when referring to themselves causing them to come across as very polite.

It is revealed thatF ive-Tails are shown to have pity and kindness to new life that has been brought into the world of the living as such, they have a great calm and relieved nature toward infants and benevolent people.


Five-Tails can simultaneously use three chakra natures as they can mix them into an advanced trio chakra nature. Five-Tails have a great amount of chakra and are able to use it to create Tailed Beast Bomb. Five-Tails uses their horns, wings, and heads in combat, as they have shown enough ramming-force to even injure EIght-Tails and knock them a considerable distance away.

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