The Five Great Nations (also known as "Godaikoku") are the five largest countrieson the continent of the Ninja World where Konohagakure lies. They are the Land of Earth in the Northwest, the Land of Lightning in the Northeast, the Land of Water in the East, the Land of Wind in the Southwest, and the Land of Fire in the center. The countries were named after the dominant chakra nature of each of the areas.


These superpowers are the major players in the politics and trade between the shinobi nations. They are the most powerful of all nations and each has an extremely powerful ninja village. The Land of Earth has Iwagakure, The Land of Lightning has Kumogakure, The Land of Water has Kirigakure, The Land of Wind has Sunagakure, and the Land of Fire has Konohagakure. These five villages are the only ones to have a Kage as the Village Leader.

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