The Higure, as well as the original one, place their ranks in the insignia symbols of the england numbers. The orders of the numbers are from 0 (0) to 40 (XXXX) and of course to the Hollow Androids, their numbers in order of three digits of 100 to 110.

Elite Rank Members - Numbers: 0-10

Elite Rank Members are the Higure's most powerful and greatest authority over the Top, Ultra, and Great Rank Officers as they are the greatest fighters in the organization. The Elites' power can even surrender any adult Chunin or Jonin in the Ninja World, since they possess one Hollow Forms. Only the leader of the Higure can have the rank of 0, (In the original Higure, Elite Rank Number I is the usual rank number of the leader), as the numbers goes from 0 (0) to X (10) positions.

Top Rank Members - Numbers: 11-20

Top Rank Members of the Higure are the second strongest selective candidates that higher up than the Ultra and Great Rank Members in the organization. a few or single member of this rank is select to be a suborniate of one of the Elite Rank Officers, as the numbers goes from XI (11) to XX (20) positions.

Ultra Rank Members - Numbers: 21-30

Ultra Rank Members of the Higure are the third strongest and basically the semi-rookies of that suppress the Great Rank Members and are underrank by the Elite and Top Rank Members in the organization. a few of them of this rank are selected as one of the Elites' suborniates, as the numbers goes from XXI (21) to XXX (30) positions.

Great Rank Members - Numbers: 31-40

Great Rank Members of the Higure are basically, the rookies that are the suborniates that listens to the orders of the Elite, Top, and Ultra Rank Members in the organization, most of the Great Rank members are suborniates of the Elite Rank members, as the numbers goes from XXXI (31) to XXXX (40) positions.

Special Rank Members

The Special Rank Members are basically androids with Hollow powers design by Harako Senju and Summer Midori.

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