A Hollowfied Transformation (Horoka Henka) is an adventure stage level within a Hollowfication, one possess with their Inner Hollows. So far, there have been three known transformations within the Hollowfication.

Initial Hollow Form

The Hollow's glob begins to enhanced half of the being's body at the right side as the Hollow Mask is half manifestated to the right side of the user's face, turning the half right side (chest anf face) into a white humanoid creature-like Hollow, that unlike regular Hollows, this form allows the user to use a Zanpakuto


Most of the notable transformation are undergoing into white lizards, bulles, birds, and/or carine humanoids. For most of this transformation, the Hollow Mask's half manifestation is that the user's turns either yellow, brown, red, purple, or green with the black sclera on the right eye.

First Hollow Form

Initial First Hollow Form

Second Hollow Form

Third Hollow Form

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