The Hyuga Colony is a large group of Hyuga Clan members (descendants of the branch house) that reside only in Sunagakure since it's foundation.


Many Hyuga colonies in the current time are descendants of Hyuga from the branch house, at some time after the founding of Konohagakure, the current head of both the main house and the clan's son saw the horror and touture to most of the branch house, and, at the age of six, he secretly felt in love with a branch house girl. Fearing if the branch house should ever have children and they having to suffer the same fate as a caged bird, at the age of sixteen, he he took three dozen branch house members (includes the woman he loves) to the Land of Wind.

After forming an alliance with several clans, having desert-dwelling shinobi in his control with his overwhelming powers (such as his Gentle Fist and Psychic Style nintaijutsu), and the foundation of Sunagakure, Daiyuki use his special ninjutsu to free the branch house members of their cursed marks (in a way freeing caged birds)

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