The Jutsupedia Owners are shinobi who have a Jutsupedia invented by Tsunaku Senju. These shinobi are often very gifted in one particular area, which Tsunaku has dubbed each's "special skill". These Trainers all have master their natural chakra nature (although others can do a change in nature as well), though most already are genin or chunin prior to receiving them.

The Jutsupedia owners have become a very tight knit group with many of them bonding with their cohorts in their regional adventures and later with their seniors and juniors.

Konoha Jutsupedia Owners

The Konoha Jutsupedia owners are the first groups to have Jutsupedia since that's where it originated from. The first three owners were the creator himself, Tsunaku Senju along with his friends; Konohamaru Sarutobi and Hanabi Hyuga. The Jutsupedia of Konoha's design is of blue and gray (similiar to their headbands as genin) as it possess the Konoha symbol in the middle of the first cover. The symbol that strengthen the owners of Konohagakure is Will, Courage, and Trust.

These are the list of Jutsupedia owners from Konohagakure as the following are:

  • First: Tsunaku Senju (current)
  • Second: Hanabi Hyuga (current)
  • Third: Konohamaru Sarutobi (current)
  • Fourth: Naruto Uzumaki (current)
  • Fifth: Hiroki Ito (current)
  • Sixth: Shin Kato (current)
  • Seventh: Senri Hamada (current)
  • Eighth: Miharu Chaboku (current)
  • Ninth:
  • Tenth:
  • Eleventh:
  • Twelfth:
  • Thirteeh:

Suna Jutsupedia Owners

Iwa Jutsupedia Owners

Kumo Jutsupedia Owners

Kiri Jutsupedia Owners

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