Kido Corps
Translation(s) Kidoshu
Headquarter(s) Unknown
Purpose Unknown

The Kido Corps (also known as "Kidoshu") is a separate branch of the Soul Society's military that excels in the art of Kido.


The Kido Corps takes students from the Shino Academy that excel in Kido and trains them to further their abilities in said area. Its operations are executed in absolute secrecy. During an incident one hundred years ago Jushiro Ukitake noted how rare it was to see anyone from the Kido Corps, especially the captain. In keeping with their secretive nature, the Kido Corp standard uniform includes face-coverings.


The full rank structure of the Kido Corps is unknown. But it is known that the chief of the Kido Corps is referred to as the Kido Corps Commander (meaning "Kidoshu Soshi") and Grand Kido Chief (meaning "Dai Kidocho") and his second is known as the Vice Kidō Chief (meaning "Fuku Kidocho"). The current title holder of both these ranks are unknown.

Notable Members

Kido Commander & Grand Kido Chief

Vice Kidō Chief


As of current history the name and meaning of the Kido Corps' Insignia is still unknown.

Special Duties

The Kido Corps is responsible for opening the Senkaimon between the World of the Living and the Soul Society. They are also responsible for releasing the Sokyoku seal during executions.

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