Kotetsu Hagane
Kotetsu Hagane
Birthdate July 21, 1982
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Race Human
Ninja Rank
Kaipuden Chunin
Occupation Chunin Exams Proctor
Classification C-Rank


Izumo Kamizuki (possibly)




Base of Operation
Homeworld Ninja World
Homecountry Land of Fire
Hometown Konohagakure
Gender Male
Status Alive
Kaipuden 24
Kaipuden Konoha Barrier Team
First Appearance
Kaipuden Episode 003: Graduation

Kotetsu Hagane is a chunin-level shinobi of Konohagakure. He is a Chunin Exams proctor and partners with Izumo Kamizuki.


Kotetsu has long, spiky, black hair and dark eyes. He has a strip of bandage running across the bridge of his nose and a light-colored marking on his chin, although it has the same color as his hair. He wears the standard attire of a Konoha shinobi complete with a headband and a flak jacket. When deployed on missions, he usually carries a pair of bladed weapons strapped to his back.


Kotetsu is never seen without his partner, and best friend Izumo. He is characterised as being the more carefree and irresponsible of the duo, more willing to shirk his duties to hang out in the Jonin Standby Station eating syrup for example. Similarly, Izumo admonished Kotetsu's lack of pride in his work when the latter complained that they were simply Tsunade's errand-boys. He is also described as being curious by nature, which was seen from the time he and Izumo disguised themselves as genin in order to see what type of people the new chūnin candidates were. Despite this, Kotetsu is a loyal and dutiful shinobi, with great love for his village and will carry out his missions despite complaining when they are trivial.


It is unknown if Kotetsu was presented on the Nine-Tails' attck on Konoha, twelve years ago.

After Tsunaku's birth, Tsunade assign Izumo and Kotetsu to be her son's semi guardians and bodyguards to make sure he dosen't lose control of the Ten-Tails seal within him.

Powers & Abilities

Natural Powers & Abilities

Ninja Powers & Abilities

Original Series

Chunin Exam Arc

Izumo and Kotetsu first appeared disguised, trying to convince those planning to take part in the Chunin Exams not to bother. Squad 7 recognized that they had cast a genjutsu on the area, prompting them to give up in light of the group's skill. Seemingly somewhat impressed, Kotetsu attempts to attack Sasuke Uchiha with a kick, which Sasuke reciprocates in kind only to be stopped by Rock Lee. As they retreat and undo the transformation, he agrees with Izumo that the candidates this year seemed very interesting.

Later, Kotetsu and other chunin arrive alongside Ibiki as invigilators of the first exam. Then, they sat on the outside of the examiners watching them for obvious sign of cheating, telling anyone who was caught five times that they had failed the examination. At one period in time during the exam, he threw a kunai onto the paper of a candidate that had failed, frightening Naruto as it had flown right past him.

He and Izumo were later seen together in the stands watching the preliminary matches. The two discussed Naruto's triumph over Neji and the talent that Shikamaru had shown in his battle, assuming he'd be an overall more suitable candidate than anyone else for promotion to the rank of chunin.

Search for Tsunade Arc

When Tsunade became Hokage, Izumo and Kotetsu started doubling as her assistants and as guards to the front gates of the village. The anime indicates that they are easily ignored or duped by those using the Transformation Jutsu while on the job.

Sasuke Retreival Arc

During Tsunade's transition into office he and Izumo Kamizuki became the assistants of Tsunade. They were the ones that found Sakura in the morning after Sasuke left Konohagakure and later informed Tsunade about the incident.

Part I - Kaipuden

Kaipuden Prologue Saga

Izumo and Kotetsu were picking up more paperwork for the Fifth Hokage as they were surprised to notice that Tsunaku, Konohamaru, and Hanabi were carrying Sasuke to the Konoha Hospital, but forgotten to inform him that Tsunade gave birth to his younger siblings.

Mizuki Strikes Back Saga

Kotetsu's Relationship

Kotetsu's Jutsu

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