The Three Icha Icha Books Sign By Jiraya

Left to Right: Make-Out Paradise, Make-Out Violence, Make-Out Tactics

Created By: Jiraiya
Used For: Readers of the age of 18 and up
Used In Which World(s):

Ninja World,

Tecnology World

Make-Out is a series of best-selling novels which were written by Jiraiya. Kakashi Hatake is a big fan of the series and is shown reading one of them most of the time. They are comedic (and likely adult) recounts of Jiraiya's experiences in love. They are meant for people of 18 and over.

Known Books

  • Make-Out Paradise: The first book to appear in the series.
  • Make-Out Violence: The second book. It also became a movie.
  • Make-Out Tactics: The third book. Naruto Uzumaki gave this book to Kakashi when he returned to Konoha after a two and a half year absence. It was the newest instalment in several years.

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