Marise Asahina
Marise Asahina


Substitute Soul Reaper

Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Yellow
Race Human
Classification B-Rank
Shikai Unknown
Bankai Not Achieved Yet
Primary Skills
Fullbring Unknown

Soichiro Asahina (Father)

Lucille Asahina (Mother)


Ryunosuke Asahina (Younger Brother)

Taro Asahina (Younger Brother)

Soul Reaper Master
Allie(s) Substitute Soul Reapers in Europe, Paris, Frane
Enemie(s) Unknown
Homeworld Soul Reaper World
Homecountry Europe
Hometown Paris
Chakra Nature
Zanpakuto Element
Gender Female
Status Alive
Shippuden 15/16/17
Pre-Zanpuden 18
Shippuden Unknown
First Appearance
Shippuden Episode ???

Marise Asahina is a Human who possess Soul Reaper powers. She is the daughter of Soichiro and Lucille Asahina, and the Substitute Soul Reaper of Paris.



Fifteen years ago, Marise was born on a summer evening in Paris, France to Soichiro and Lucille Asahina. As a child she grew up pampered and for the most part without a care in the world, having everything she wanted. When she was three years old she was delighted when her younger brother, Ryosuke, was born. After his birth the family began their many travels, as her mother was a well-known designer of women's clothing, and so the family got the chance to tour the entire world, New York, Hong Kong, Tokyo, and numerous other exotic cities.

Lucille had reached the high point of her career, and so the Asahina family took off, and began their travels around the world. They often went to famous cities such as Tokyo, Milan, Paris, New York, and others where Lucille designed clothes for her clients. At each destination they only remained for a short period of time, the longest being half a year or so. Because of this, Mari was never able to fully adapt to her surroundings, and never made but a few close friends. While in her first year of high school, living in London during this time, she entered a foreign-exchange student program, and was sent to the United States, specifically Arizona. There she met a Hopi Indian, Honovi, who she became close friends with.

During another family trip, this time to Tokyo, Japan, she had dated a rising Japanese rock star, Akio Tsuchiya. The relationship was short-lasted, both for reasons of mutual disagreement and having to move yet again because of her mother. However, Marise never blamed her for this, because she liked to travel and also knew that she couldn't get along with others because of people's perception of her, being a snobby, spoiled rich girl.

Marise loved their travels, however, the constant change in scenery left her little time to make friends and get comfortable, and so she was often taken as the "rich, spoiled princess," by those around her. So from her younger years she knew the feeling of rejection, though she tried not to let it bother her. When she was twelve years old, her youngest sibling Taro would be born, and for the new two years the Asahina family would still travel. However, when she was fourteen, her mother finally decided to settle down and work at home, and so they settled back in Paris.


Powers & Abilities



Plot - Part II - Shippuden

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