Naruto and Bleach: Kaipuden
Anime Series

Naruto and Bleach Kaipuden is the plot and the first part of the story base on Naruto and Bleach combine, after the stories of Naruto's adventure of battling his first Rogue Ninjas, the Chunin Exams, searching the Fifth Hokage, and the loss of his best friend, Sasuke Uchiha.

Plot's Starting

After Sasuke left Konoha, to train with Orochimaru, in secret, Tsunade decide to have a child of her own by using the Sacred Stone that contains the Ten-Tailed Shikaku, after spending ten day of prenancy, she was ready to gave birth to her son which she named him, Tsunaku Senju, one of the last of the Senju Clan, who is destiny to save the worlds from destruction as a jinchuriki from his future enemies like Mizuki, the Dark Style Force, the Hollows and mostly the Akatsuki and their leaders and founders; Pain and Madara Uchiha.

List of Sagas

List of Fragments


Characters of Part I/Kaipuden
List of Characters Village/City/Town Jinchuriki/Kage/Kekkei Genkai/Special Kind of Ninja Protagonist or Antagonist
Tsunaku Senju Konohagakure

Jinchuriki of Ten-Tailed Shikaku,

Wood Style,


Main Protagonist
Naruto Uzumaki Konohagakure

Jinchuriki of Nine-Tailed Demon Fox,


Main Protagonist
Sasuke Uchiha Konohagakure

Jinchuriki of Blue-Tailed Winged Snake,


Mangekyo Sharingan

Supporting Antagonist (Formerly),

Main Protagonist

Sakura Haruno Konohagakure Medcial Ninja Supporting Protagonist
Kakashi Hatake Konohagakure


Konohamaru Sarutobi Konohagakure Sage-in-Training Supporting Protagonist
Hanabi Hyuga Konohagakure Byakugan Supporting Protagonist
Suigetsu Hozuki



Unknown Supporting Protagonist




Psychic Style Supporting Protagonist
Jugo Otogakure Sage-in-Training Supporting Protagonist
Tsubaki Konohagakure Unknown Protagonist
Hinata Hyuga Konohagakure Byakugan Supporting Protagonist
Kiba Inzuka Konohagakure Unknown Supporting Protagonist
Shino Aburame Konohagakure Unknown Supporting Protagonist
Kurenai Yuhi Konohagakure Unknown Protagonist
Shikamaru Nara Konohagakure Unknown Supporting Protagonist
Choji Akimichi Konohagakure Unknown Supporting Protagonist
Ino Yamanaka Konohagakure Unknown Supporting Protagonist
Asuma Sarutobi Konohagakure Unknown Protagonist
Neji Hyuga Konohagakure Byakugan Supporting Protagonist
Rock Lee Konohagakure Unknown Supporting Protagonist
Tenten Konohagakure Unknown Supporting Protagonist
Might Guy Konohagakure Unknown Protagonist
Gaara Sunagakure Jinchuriki of One-Tailed Shukaku Main Protagonist
Kankuro Sunagakure Puppet User Supporting Protagonist
Temari Sunagakure Unknown Supporting Protagonist
Baki Sunagakure Unknown Protagonist
Uriwami Iwagakure Jinchuriki of Five-Tailed Dolphin Horse Main Protagonist
Korumi Iwagakure


Medcial Ninja

Supporting Protagonist
Akayama Iwagakure Blast Style Supporting Protagonist
Akayuku Iwagakure Wood Style Protagonist
Onami Iwagakure

Jinchuriki of Seven-Tailed Dragonfly,

Particle Style

Main Protagonist
Goshimaru Nopaki Iwagakure

Jinchuriki of Four-Tailed Monkey,

Lava Style

Main Protagonist
Mabito Uchiha Iwagakure Sharingan Supporting Protagonist

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