North America
North America


Fire Nation

Soul Reaper Nation of Fire

Governor President of the United States
Notable Race(s)


Exiled Soul Reapers,


Primary Power(s)


Naturehold (Nature Posses(sion) Art),

Fire Style Jutsu

North America is one of the main continents in the World of the Living of the Worlds. In the Soul Reaper World, it's known as the Fire Nation or the Soul Reaper Nation of Fire.

Soul Reaper World

It is home to many Exiled Soul Reapers and have Substitute Soul Reapers (each town or city one or a team), along with more spiritual-power Humans. As Wholes are still taken to the Soul Society, the part of it is known as the Goreikudo ("Fifth Spiritual Realm"). North America's most powerful and heroic Substitute Soul Reaper is unknown.

List of Countries

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