The One-Tail (translation for "Ichibi") is one of the ten classes of the tailed beasts.



One-Tail are cunning, but also incoherent, giving it the demeanour of a madman because of their innate rage and blood-lust, One-Tail relishes the opportunity to kill anyone in sight, even more so during a full moon. One-Tail has a strong desire to preserve their own life, and as such, will grant their jinchūriki the power to control their elemental natures as well as allow them to transform into it in a state of need and blood-lust. One-Tail sometimes hates Nine-Tails for their beliefs that the tailed beasts' strength is measured by the number of tails and, as such, views them as the weakest.


One-Tail have the ability to manipulate sand and earth as their initial names are the "Incarnation of Sand" they rely on deserts, beaches, and any environment that can be use to contruct new sand to be use. Also, the One-Tail can use another chakra nature of fire, wind, lightning, and water to balance it. The One-Tail has an enormous supply of chakra. However, it does not have as much as Nine-Tails. and can perform the Tailed Beast Ball. At full tailed beast form, One-Tail's bodies are completely made of sand; as such they can ignore most damage that would otherwise be detrimental. Whenever One-Tail are sealed into their jinchuriki, it has the ability to eat away their host's personality, and influence him or her with its bloodlust behavior whenever he or she sleeps, which leads their host to develop insomnia.

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