The Scroll's Secret No Peeking Allowed


Created By: Human
Used For: Recorded and Written Jutsu, Informationn, and Location
Used In Which World:

Every World,

Ninja World

Scrolls (meaning "Makimono") remain one of the most important pieces of equipment in a ninja's arsenal. Because of their size, multiple scrolls can be carried into battle in the front pouches of a flak jacket or in a pouch. This will save space and not sacrifice a much needed piece of equipment which may be required later. Apart from its usage as a literature medium, the scroll can also be used by ninja to summon creatures, people and items to their aid. Some jutsu can also be stored in them. There are also larger scrolls that ninja keep on their back, such as the Scroll of Seals and the Toads Summoning Contract that Jiraiya keeps and Naruto Uzumaki wore while in his Sage outfit.

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