Classification Supplementary
Type Hollow Techniques
Used By Arrancar

Sonído (Sonīdo; spanish meaning for "Sound", japanese meaning for "Sound Ceremony") is a technique used by Arrancar which allows them to move at extreme speeds, making it equivalent to the Hoho (mainly Flash Steps) that Soul Reapers use and the Hirenkyaku that Quincy use. While somewhat similar to Hohō, Sonído appears to be more instinctual than Hohō, requiring no previous knowledge to perform. It also makes a different sound; rather than the swishing or sometimes silent Flash Step of the Soul Reapers, Sonído makes a booming or static sound.


Gemelos Sonído (双児響転 (Hemerosu Sonīdo; spanish meaning for "Sound Twins", japanese meaning for "Twins Sound Ceremony"): Zommari Rureaux is the only Arrancar shown to have been able to use this technique and it allows him to create clone-like afterimages of himself. Up to five clones can be created using this technique. Because of this, Zommari claims that he is the fastest Espada.

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