Squad Two
2nd Division Insignia
Squad Name Squad Two
Captain Soi Fon
Lieutenant Marechiyo Omaeda
Allied Organization Stealth Force
Squad Specialty Stealth Ops
Insignia Pasque Flower
Insignia Signifies Seek Nothing
Squad Color Dark Orange

Squad Two (also known as "Nibantai") is one of the Thirteen Court Guard Squads, headed by Captain Soi Fon.


Squad Two follows the traditional organization of a Thirteen Court Guard Squad.

Because the Captain of Squad Two also leads the Stealth Force, the Squad Two's duties are directly tied in with the Stealth Force, each of the top 5 seated officers is in charge of a certain division of the Special Forces. At this time, it is known that the Captain is in charge of the Punishment Force, the Lieutenant is in charge of the Patrol Unit, and the 3rd Seat is in charge of the Detention Unit.

Squad Two HQ has been renovated at the expense of wealthy lieutenant Marechiyo Omaeda. To accommodate Yoruichi any day, any time, every room on every level has heated floors, automatic doors and air conditioning.

Special Duties

No special duties have been noted for Squad Two. Since the linking of the Stealth Force with Squad Two well over 110 years ago, its role may have changed from its original duty.

Squad Two has been directly linked to the Stealth Force for well over 110 years ago by former Captain Yoruichi Shihoin who was the Supreme Commander of the Stealth Force before being promoted to a Captain. As such the special operations of the Soul Society has become the full measure of what the squad involves itself in primarily. Members are tasked with assassination, policing, detention and message couriers.


Like all the other
barracks, the Squad Two Barracks house the offices and living quarters of the Soul Reapers of Squad Two. The building are amazingly luxurious due to Lieutenant Ōmaeda reconstructing offices using his private fortunes. The offices are said to boast automatic doors and heated floors. The barracks even have a hot spring. The division grounds also holds the Nest of Maggots. Inside the squad barracks the Shihōin Clan crest is embossed into the wall of the audience chamber.

Notable Members


  • Yoruichi Shihōin (Active) (Formerly)
  • Soi Fon (Active)


  • Marenoshin Ōmaeda (Retired)
  • Marechiyo Ōmaeda (Active)

3rd SeatsEdit

  • Kisuke Urahara (Active) (Formerly)


As Squad Two is led by Soi Fon, who is also the Supreme Commander of the Covert Ops, the squad has a large number of soldiers especially skilled at stealthy activity. This combat-centric division also possesses a lot of battle skill.

Recruitment Fair Brochure

The following question and answer:

Soi Fon

1. What kind of individuals are you seeking?

Nothing special.

2. How would you describe the atmosphere around your squad?

Nothing special.

3. What do you require of new recruits?

Nothing special.

4. Some words for the soul reaper recruits.

Only join if you're prepared to throw your life away.

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