In Shinobito, the series will be follow by sagas instead of arcs, as three of each sagas will be classified on Book Chapters referring to the chakra natures (main and descendants) with a descendant nature first, and then the other main four natures


List of Sagas

First Series - Kaipuden
List of Saga(s): Number: Book Chapter Main Antagonist:
Kaipuden Prologue Saga 1 Speed Sasuke Uchiha
Mizuki Strikes Back Saga 2 Speed Mizuki
Newcomer Foundation Saga 3


Search for the Survivors Saga 4 Lightning Akatsuki
Second Chunin Exam Saga 5 Lightning None
Ninja Clan Exodus Saga 6 Lightning

Itachi Uchiha

Otogakure Inflitration Saga 7 Earth Orochimaru
Grand Battle Royale Saga 8 Earth Six Paths of Shadow
Higure Ark Invasion Saga 9 Earth Shadow
Harukugan Downfall Saga 10 Water Harukugan
Fake Konoha Invasion Saga 11 Water Pain
Five Kage Summit Saga 12 Water Danzo Shimura
Confining the Jinchuriki Saga 13 Fire Kisame Hoshigaki
Final Great Ninja War Saga 14 Fire Madara Uchiha
Kaipuden Epilogue Saga 15 Fire None
Second Series
??????puden Prologue Saga 16 Inferno Unknown
???????????????????Saga 17 Inferno Unknown
???????????????????Saga 18 Inferno Unknown
???????????????????Saga 19 Wind Unknown
???????????????????Saga 20 Wind Unknown
???????????????????Saga 21 Wind Unknown
???????????????????Saga 22 Lightning Unknown
???????????????????Saga 23 Lightning Unknown
???????????????????Saga 24 Lightning Unknown
???????????????????Saga 25 Earth Unknown
???????????????????Saga 26 Earth Unknown
???????????????????Saga 27 Earth Unknown
???????????????????Saga 28 Water Unknown
???????????????????Saga 29 Water Unknown
???????????????????Saga 30 Water Unknown

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