Tailed Beast Fusion Jutsu
New Destiny Toward the Future 774

Tailed Beast Fusion Jutsu

Classification: Tailed Beast Skill, Collaboration Jutsu, Ninjutsu
Class: Supplementary

Hand Signs:

Rat - Ox - Tiger - Hare - Dragon - Serpent - Horse - Ram - Monkey - Bird - Dog - Boar - Clap Hand Signs (One with the Left and the Other with the Right)


Tsunaku Senju (with Sasuke Uchiha),

Sasuke Uchiha (with Tsunaku Senju)

The Tailed Beast Fusion Jutsu is a technique invented and used by jinchuriki when the Ninja World was being developed during the era of Jinchuriki Kinade Uzumaki, the purpose of this technique is for two or more jinchuriki to merge bodies together, as it goes for its name, it combines not only bodies, but their powers, wisdom, speed, and intelligence as they became one person.


List of Jinchuriki that has use the Tailed Beast Fusion Jutsu

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