The Ten-Tailed Badger is a tailed beast of the Ten-Tails. He's currently sealed within Tsunaku Senju of Konohagakure.

Ten-Tailed Chikaku
Ten-Tailed Shukaku

Ten-Tailed Chikaku


Savior of the Worlds

Chakra Color: Light Green




Tailed Beast


Tsuroku Uzumaki (First Jinchuriki)

Kinade Uzumaki (Second Jinchuriki)

Narako Namikaze (Third Jinchuriki)

Tsuyoshi Namikaze (Fourth Jinchuriki)

Tsunaku Senju (Fifth Jinchuriki)

Chakra Nature:

Speed Style (Master)

Wind Style (Master)

Lightning Style (Master)

Earth Style (Master)

Water Style (Master)

Fire Style (Master)

Yin Style (Master)

Yang Style (Master)

Yin-Yang Style (Master)


the Ten-Tails primarily resembles a sacred and oddly-shaped badger, with green fur with black stripes and light green eyes, it also posses the body stucture of a human with its clawed hands and feet.



Ninjutsu - Rekihena

Plot - Part I - Kaipuden

Kaipuden Prologue Saga

Chikaku was approached by Tsunaku as he ask him for a portion of his chakra, seeing the sacred request within him, he gave him an amount of tailed beast chakra as he also want to remove the Heavens' Curse Mark as they battle together.

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