Third Kazekage (puppet)
300px-Sandaime Kazekage Puppet

The Third Kazekage Puppet

Created By: Sasori
Used For:


Human Puppet Usage,

For User to used Kekkei Genkai and mostly the Iron Sand

Used in Which World(s): Ninja World

This is the puppet created by Sasori from the body of Sunagakure's Third Kazekage. After being converted into a human puppet, Sasori installed several weapons into his body. All of the weapons installed in the Third Kazekage puppet, including the Iron Sand, are soaked in Sasori's special brand of poison, which kills the victim after three days of painful paralysis.


  • Retractable blades in the formation of a claw on the right arm.
  • Thousand Arms Manipulation
  • Iron Sand abilities (stored in mouth).
  • Retractable scythe hidden in right arm.
  • Magnetic apparatus stored inside left chest compartment.

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