The Three-Tails (translating for "Sanbi") is one of the ten classes of the tailed beasts.



Three-Tails speaks in shy manners, as they have stealth motions and a very patience motives to strike. Despite all of their inhate rage on the outside, but on the inside, Three-Tails have soft spots in their hearts that they only show it to their jinchuriki and to some humans at some rare cases. Three-Tails possess such great bravery that they are able to influence it to their jinchuriki.


Three-Tails have the ability to manipulate two elemental chakras and mix them together to develop an advanced duo nature, and can swim at very high speeds. Like all tailed beasts, they have enormous amount of chakra compared to most ninja and can form the tailed beasts' ultimate attack, the Tailed Beast Bomb. If Three-Tails weren't seal into new jinchuriki, they couldn't control its own strength. they can also defend themselves with iteir skin, fur, feathers, and shell, capable of withstanding nearly all kinds of damage.

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