Primary Powers: Hollow Mask, Zanpakuto
Leader(s): Unknown

The Vizards (the Masked Army), is a group of Rogue Soul Reapers that acquired Hollow powers. The Vizards only have a rumor role in Kaipuden, a minor role in Shippuden, and will become a primary role as the antagonists in Zanpuden.


The Vizards are the antithesis to the Arrancars as Soul Reapers who have obtained Hollow powers. Having begun as Soul Reapers or Substitube Soul Reapers, the Vizard appear entirely Human and bar those times where they are using their powers are indistinguishable from ordinary Soul Reapers and Humans ( who are Substitube Soul Reaper of A-Rank or S-Rank). To gain access to their Hollow powers, a Vizard dons a Hollow Mask.

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