In the universe of Naruto and Bleach series, there are different kinds and types of worlds cotaining realms, special items, and of course history. In theorical meaning, the Worlds are really a set of different Worlds of the Living also refer to Earths, Living Worlds, Human Worlds combinding them, they are also refer as the Multiverse.


There's an old saying, the Worlds were born or originally were the original World of the Living, also referred to Earth Prime and World of the Living Prime, that is the now dimension of the Royal Palace where the Spirit King resides. The only spiritual beings who are able to cross and travel into the different Worlds are the Soul Reapers and Hollows.

During the foundings of the Ninja World and Soul Reaper World, the rest of the Worlds were surrounded by spiritual barriers, to prevent any outside interference, making it impossible for different worlds to have contact (except through technology). When the Hollows invaded a peaceful world, that eventually became the Dark Hollow World, under the leadership of Harukugan and Madara Uchiha, they gave rise to the Great Hollow-Human War that has broken those spiritual barriers.

List of World

Ninja World

List of Countries/Nations:

Hidden Villages:

Other Locations:

Soul Reaper World

List of Soul Society Locations:

List of Five Elemental Nations:

List of Nation of Wind Locations:

Protection Kingdom World

List of Cities:

List of Batoriku CIty Sectors:

  • Ichikon Sector
  • Hachikon Sector
  • Jukon Sector

List of Other Locations

  • Jukon Prison
  • Royal Emblem Army HQ
  • City Palace
  • Hachi Forest

Samurai World

Science Force World

Islands World

Bloodlust World

Psychic World

Detective World

Sealight World

Swimmer World

Knight World

Techonlogy World

Dark Hollow World


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