Yugito Nii
Yugito Nii


Jinchuriki of the Two-Tailed Monster Cat

Jinchuriki Yugito

Eye Color Black
Hair Color Light Blonde

Human, Jinchuriki

Ninja Rank





Shikai Unknown
Bankai Unknown
Spouse(s) Unamed Mate
Daughter Mariko Nii (Early Reincarnation)
Allie(s) A, Killer Bee
Enemie(s) Akatsuki, Hidan, Kakuzu


Ninja World

Homecountry Land of Lightning


Chakra Nature

Fire Style (Master)

Zanpakuto Element
Gender Female
Status Deceased
Kaipuden 28/29 (Biologically) 25 (Physically)
Shippuden 31/32/33 (Biologically) 28/29/30 (Physically)
Kaipuden N/A
First Appearance
Kaipuden Episode ???

Yugito Nii was a kunoichi of Kumogakure and the third Jinchuriki of the Two-Tailed Monster Cat.



Yugito was made the Two-Tailed Monster Cat's jinchuriki at the age of two and, at the end of a detestable traning that was imposed on her, she was able to control her transformation into her tailed beast at will.

At the age of nineteen, she met her mate (boyfriend), Pakuro Gorosen who wasn't scared of her, (since the day of the Two Tails' sealing into her), Yugito starts to have an affection for him. After hearing of his sudden death, she was felling depair, but three months later, she was revealed by the doctor that she was pregnant with Pakuro's baby.


Powers & Abilities

Chakra Nature: Yugito's chakra nature is unknown but by the Two-Tails', it possible that it might be Fire Style and that she's an expect and at the Master Level.

Jinchuriki Powers: Yugito Nii had the Two-Tailed Monster Cat sealed within her, she had the accuracy and speed of a cat, also possess a blood lust and instinct of a wild cat due to the Two-Tails being actual cat, she can also use her chakra cloak also known as the Jinchuriki Transformation, Yugito had only two tailed transformation and has total control at the Full Tailed Beast Form.

Zanjutsu Specialist: Unknown

Expect Hakuda Specialist: Unknown

Kido Specialist: Unknown

Master Hoho Specialist: Due to her vas, incredible, and training, Yugito was able to use Flashsteps to get away from her enemies, also she could quickly ended a match or so on within 1 or 3 minutes.

Great Spiritual Power: It's unknown if Yugito knew anything about Soul Reapers, Hollows, or Spiritual Pressure, but for what she did known, due to the training in how to control her full transformationof the Two-Tails, her Spiritual Pressure's probably at the average level of a soul reaper captain.

Plot - Part I - Kaipuden

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